Aldo Elizalde

Queen's University Belfast

Aldo Elizalde is Lecturer in Economics at Queen’s University Belfast.

Aldo Elizalde is an accomplished applied economist who specialises in development and economic history. He is widely recognised for his expertise in analysing the reasons and mechanisms behind income inequality between societies, using advanced quantitative techniques and historical methodologies.

Aldo’s research interests are primarily focused on the relationship between institutions and long-term development. His recent work has examined the impact of pre-colonial institutions on the socioeconomic progress of Latin American nations. Additionally, Aldo has conducted research on the effects of pre-colonial trade routes on contemporary outcomes in Australia. He is also currently investigating the interplay between socially disadvantaged ethnic groups, ethnic politics, and development in South America.

Aldo’s contributions to the field of development economics have been published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Development Economics. His research has shed new light on the complex factors that contribute to economic growth and inequality in different societies, and his findings have important implications for policymakers and economists worldwide.

Email: a.elizalde@qub.ac.uk

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