Welcome to CEPH

We here at CEPH are delighted to welcome you to our website. We invite you to have a look around and see what CEPH is all about.

CEPH is a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin’s Department of Economics and Queen’s University Belfast’s Management School, to establish a ground-breaking All-Ireland Centre of Excellence in Economics, Policy and History. Bringing together existing strengths in the fields of economics and history on the island of Ireland, the Centre is co-located at Queen’s University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin, and this page serves as our central hub on which research, data and outreach projects will be hosted.

The Centre for Economics, Policy and History will play a leading role in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by combining economics with history to address global challenges, building a durable research and teaching infrastructure, and engaging in outreach activities. The Centre has three pillars:

  •  Frontier Research: researchers at the Centre will use historical events to understand the historical drivers of contemporary economic trends and institutions on the island and across the globe.
  • Capacity Building: the digitization, collection and analysis of historical data will provide vital services to other disciplines, and train new generations of researchers in a multidisciplinary setting.
  • Policy and Dissemination: drawing on a rich historical record, the Centre will provide crucial context to modern-day decision makers in government, business, and NGOs.

Understanding the deep historical roots of major challenges like global inequalities and climate change can help policymakers to address their consequences. Taking history seriously will significantly enrich the study of economics and help to deliver policy outputs relevant to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Centre will also provide training to new generations of economic historians: from offering internship opportunities for undergraduate students, to doctoral training and postdoctoral experience for early career researchers, to a series of outreach activities in secondary schools for pupils across the island.